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About Rocmaura

Annual Report

If you would like to view our annual report, you may download it here.

Rocmaura Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors is representative of the community we serve. Each term is a three-year appointment, with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. Purpose: To oversee the ongoing management of the affairs of the Corporation, as portrayed in the by-laws.
  • Doug Brien, Chair
  • Marion Long, Vice Chair
  • Peter MacPhail
  • Sr. Anita Holmes
  • Sr. Sandra Barrett
  • Paschal Chisholm
  • Heather Oakley
  • Barb McGill
  • Emil Olsen – Foundation Chair and Rocmaura Inc. rep
  • Sheana Mohra – Executive Director
  • Shirley Fraser – Director of Nursing
  • Jean Marie Dionne – Director Mission Ethics Spirituality
  • Theresa Mercer – Director of Finance


Garden Court

Park Street Entrance

Trinity Court

Terrace Court

Hopewell Court

Palliative Care

Stop the spread of germs

When should you wash your hands with soap and water?

Adults and Children should wash their hands:

When hands are visibly dirty
Before you eat
Before you prepare food items
After touching raw meats like chicken or beef
After contact with any body fluids like blood, urine or vomit
After changing infant or adult nappies
After touching animals or pets
After blowing your nose or sneezing
After going to the toilet

When can you use alcohol based hand rubs?

Adults and children can rub hands:

For routine cleaning of hands anytime they are visibly clean
If you have contact with contaminated objects in the environment eg. Dirty tissues/nappies
Before and after you care for or have contact with someone who is very sick, very old or very young
Whenever you want to decontaminate your hands

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