Modular Care

In response to changing resident care needs, Rocmaura has implemented a Modular Care Program. Modular Care is a systematic alignment of residents into their own autonomous Units (Courts) where care, assessment, programming, supports and environmental design are specifically geared to the needs of the residents they serve. Each of these autonomous units has consistent staff trained in the specialty in which they work.

The transition to this model of care took place over a two-year period. The process included physical/structural changes, a formalized training schedule for staff, an empowerment process and decentralization of the facility, specific programming development, and a formal identity development for each unit.

At the end of the process, the home was divided into four specialized Courts.

  • Trinity Court: a 24 bed Dementia Special Needs Unit (Alzheimer)
  • Garden Court: a 49 bed Dementia Unit
  • Hopewell Court: a 29 bed Cognitively-Well Unit
  • Terrace Court: a 48 bed Physical Care or Chronically-Ill Unit.

Modular Care benefits

The opportunity for staff to specialize in an area best suited to their ability and interest, and take a more active role in their job, positively impacting on retention.

Implementation of best practices based on a specialized care setting optimizing resident functioning ability and quality of life.

Restructuring to smaller autonomous, self-contained units provided a more effective organizational structure which leads to optimized use of resources, enhanced efficiency, and improved cost effectiveness.