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Garden Court

Park Street Entrance

Trinity Court

Terrace Court

Hopewell Court

Palliative Care

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Terrace Court (Physical Care Unit)

Terrace Court admits both cognitively and mentally impaired residents who require complete care. Staff are specially trained in developing care strategies specific to the needs of this population, and considered specialists in Palliative Care. There are 48 beds, mostly semi-private rooms. There is a contained roof-top terrace which allows residents to experience the outside and fresh air.

Terrace Court Mission Statement:

We at Rocmaura are a community of caring people whose paramount concern
is the provision of quality are for our residents.

We in Terrace Court promise to act
as advocates for our residents

We will recognize the uniqueness of our residents
by learning about their past experiences which have
made them who they are.

With patience and understanding we will continue to nurture
and maintain our residents' dignity and individuality
throughout all stages of their lives.

We will respect and support residents' families and team members,
while we encourage sincere communication.

We will learn from our mistakes, always remembering
that we are not perfect.