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Garden Court

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Trinity Court

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Palliative Care

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Trinity Court (Dementia Special Needs)

Trinity Court is a secure unit with 24 private rooms - each with its own bathroom, located on the ground floor of the nursing home. Residents admitted are mentally impaired, physically well, and ambulatory demonstrating the following behaviors - wandering, elopement, vulnerability to an uncontrolled environment leading to aggressive behaviour, and periodic challenging behaviors (sexually expressive, rummaging, repetitive, etc.) that can be elicited while living in an uncontrolled setting. Programming, environment, staff training, assessment tools, etc. on this unit are specifically geared to this clientele. Trinity Court was designed to maximize residents' functioning by continuous wandering paths, social lounges and an open concept. An open air courtyard with four doors to enter and exit, and shadow boxes outside each room filled with trinkets and mementos to trigger the residents' memory and reorientation. The entire unit has a country style decor complete with oak doors and soft pastel colors. There are raised gardens designed so the residents can use and work on as they would in their own homes. The "cozy kitchen", where many of the daily activities take place, is completely homelike, but is also equipped with special safety features such as locks for the stove, etc. Trinity Court is based on an "unforced routine" whereby residents live unstructured daily lives, they are able to "live" and "do" at their own leisure and pace. There is a full time Recreationist on the unit who provides programming that meets the needs of each individual resident.

Trinity Court Mission Statement:

We at Rocmaura are a community of caring people
whose paramount concern is the provision of quality
care for our residents.

We strive to improve the quality of life for all,
in a supportive/home-like environment by providing holistic care
in meeting their physical, intellectual, psycho-social, spiritual
and emotional needs in a dignified manner.

To affirm and support family and staff in this endeavour,
we will work together to create an extended family while unconditionally
maintaining the uniqueness of each individual through smiles, tears
and the fear of the unknown.