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The Gala Dinner and Auction

Rocmaura Nursing Home would like to thank all those who attended and supported the Annual Gala Dinner and Auction with special thanks to the Gala Committee and Volunteers! Proceeds from the Gala will go towards Phase 2 of the Resident Wardrobe Upgrade Project.

Gala Dinner and Auction Press Release.

Please Donate!

We are always happy to accept a donation to help in the costs of providing the best care that we are able to our residents. If you wish to make a donation by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card, you can get more information how to do so, by following this link.

Rocmaura Nursing Home

Latest News!

Rocmaura Foundation Oktoberfest Draw!
You could be the lucky winner of this 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage SE valued at $16,000, or a $3000 piece of fine jewellery from Spicer’s Jewellery! Less than 1000 tickets are being sold, so don’t miss out! See Contest Details and Request Tickets here...

Kitchen Party Fundraiser Success!
It was one of the biggest kitchen parties around, and Rocmaura Foundation is thrilled to announce over $100,000 was raised at its 16th Annual Fundraising Dinner & Auction on September 13, 2014. Thanks to 600 supporters who purchased tickets and donated or bid on auction items, net proceeds for this year’s Maritime Kitchen Party surpassed last by more than $20,000. Read the Press Release here ...

Donate your Shoppers Optimum Points to Rocmaura Foundation! We can use your points at Shoppers Drug Mart toward the purchase of products and supplies we need for operational and fundraising activities.
To donate, please visit: www.shoppersdrugmart.ca/donate

More than just Dessert Dr. Chow presentation

Is there a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease? How do you cope with it, as a caregiver or as a patient? Make choices that help you maintain or even keep building on top of existing cognitive reserve read more...

Special Offer to friends and families visiting Rocmaura!

Need a place to stay?
Chipman Hill Suites is offering suites Uptown, at $ 79.00 for a double, $ 89.00 queen, and $ 99.00 king at 71 Sydney St. and 76 Union street.
Call Toll Free 1-877 859 3919

Rocmaura Foundation is thrilled to announce!

Rocmaura Foundation is thrilled to announce $55,000 was raised at this year’s 15th Annual Gala Dinner & Auction on September 21, 2013. Thanks to close to 400 supporters who purchased tickets and donated or bid on auction items, net proceeds surpassed last year by more than $23,000. read more...

Rocmaura Celebrates 40 Years of Caring

Ninety-two-year-old Louise Bromfield sits in her bed at Rocmaura Nursing Home, enjoying the company of two Shelties who have come to visit. Her eyes are bright and it’s clear she enjoys their company. “It’s nice that the animals can come,” she said. read more...

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